Thursday, August 10, 2006

10th August 2006

Good afternoon all. Just a very quick update, as we've had trouble finding intertnet access in italy. However, we've just been taken in by a lovely Italian family who, after hosing us down and scrubbing our clothes, and feeding us copious amounts of ice-cream, have allowed us to use their internet.
We'll do our best to give a proper update in a few days time, but until then suffice to say we are alive and well, and chugging along nicely. We've reached the environs of Verona, and are excitedly looking at lots of maps of Slovenia and beyond. We're both in good health, the weather, though hot, is just about bearable, and all is well. We hope you are too.

A proper update and lots of photos to follow. Love to one and all from the two of us.

Paddy and Andy.

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