Wednesday, August 30, 2006

30th August 2006

We have reached Slovenia! And not only that, we are already in the capital, Ljublubljublana.

Leaving Italy was a little less dramatic than our high altitude arrival, with less of the heroic summiting of mountain peaks as dawn broke, and more clambering through a hedgerow into someones garden in the drizzle. Since then we have had the most fantastic two days pottering through gorgeous countryside like that seen in the photos below, taken the morning after a thunderstorm that deposited hailstones the size of watermelons on our now rather beleagered tents.

We arrived in the capital yesterday and spent the night with the British deputy ambassador and his wife, Mr and Mrs Setterfield, who treated us royally and fed us on mighty amounts of shepherds pie and rhubarb (No Ferrero Rocher though, which is always a pity) Today we decamped to the Celica Hostel, which youd be hard pressed to know was once a military prison. Tonight we might partake in a half of ale, or two, to re-celebrate some milestone or other, and then its off tomorrow for the short 150km dash to Zagreb.

Another highly exciting milestone is my purchase today of a shiny new pair of trainers! The old ones eventually died a glorious death on the final stretch into town yesterday. They had, since Trafalgar Square, consumed 1 tube of superglue, 2 pairs of laces, 3 sets of insoles, 4 maids-a-milking and 5 countries. They are currently in an envelope winging their way back to my mother (almost under their own steam) in Shropshire, where they will look lovely on the mantelpiece.

Not much news to report apart from the above. I have no idea, either, why I am now writing in blue and underlined, but these Slovenian computers are a curious breed. Many thanks again to everyone who has sponsored us. Keep telling the world about our good cause (mind you, after the article in the Windsor Times this week, I'd say most people probably know) and we-ll be back in touch again as soon as something exciting happens.

Regards from the Balkans,

Paddy and Andy

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Julia said...

Hi Paddy,
Isn't Lubliooblijoobly-ana great? We had a lovely time there when I went with my sister - and good food - have you had an icecream yet?? Great pity about the Ferrero Rochers. We loved Slovenia
Have sent your blog address to the members of my reading group in the hope that they will (a) use the Amazon link and (b) be tempted to visit the Just Giving page, having read your deathless prose.

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