Sunday, July 23, 2006

23rd July 2006

Boun Giorno! We have, 6 days after arriving in Switzerland, reached Italy! We crossed the border at 9,250 ft at sunrise yesterday morning, and celebrated with the traditional triumphant breakfast of curried noodles.

It had been a long 3 days from Martigny, up and down cliffside paths in the sweltering heat, ending each day a little higher than where we'd finished the previous night. This cumibnated with yesterday's dawn climb up what we hoped would be a gentle ski-slope, but transpired to be a 3,000ft rubble-strewn scree-slope which steepened to such a vertical gradient that it almost defeated us. On eventually reaching the top we found two abandoned deckchairs into which we slumped, exhausted, surrounded by breathtaking views of the snowcapped peaks of France to the west, Switzerland to the north, and Italy to the south.

From this mountain-top border-crossing it has been a two day descent to the suprisingly pretty town of Aosta. From here we hope to reach Milan in the next two weeks. We will keep you posted.


Andy and Paddy


Chris Hall said...

In tribute to the Paddy and Andy walkathon, I will be taking part in an equally, if not narlier walking experience starting early tomorrow morning. I will be walking across... Chiswick.

I am expecting (taking in to account the harsh conditions and rough terrain) to make it to Hammersmith by no later than 9.30, the very same day.

I will provide photographic evidence of the trip soon after (when I get home from work!).

If anyone would like to donate money to my cause, please use

Get in!

Chris Hall said...

ps... check this out for some travelling inspiration...!

Lukey said...


my brother is currently embarking upon a rally to mongolia... what is it with asia at the mo!?!

HUGE amounts of love and luck to you... like Turks, i will walk to the pub in tribute to your great selves...

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